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Daycare and After School Programs in Maple Ridge

Cottonwoods Child Care Centre in Maple Ridge offers daycare and afterschool programs for preschool and elementary aged children. We offer full-time and part-time spaces to allow for careful supervision of your child during the work week. At Cottonwoods, we believe that play can be both fun and educational and offer programs with opportunities for different art, science, music, movement, baking, and outdoor activities.

Our kindergarten readiness and preschool enhanced program give children a mix of free play and small to large group activities. There, they will work on growth and motor development while having time to explore their environment freely on their own and participate in sensory, exploration activities.

For before and after school care, we provide care and supervision during professional development days and school closures during seasonal breaks. Our well-rounded program allows school children to explore and interact with their friends. To get your children out and exploring, we also offer field trips.

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We offer:

Dramatic Play

Science Activities

Outdoor Play Space



Floor and Table Toys

Preschool Activities




Fine Motor Activities

Music Activities


Creative Art Centre

Circle Time


Field Trips

Our Philosophy at Cottonwoods

Play is a form of exploration, communication, and expression.

At Cottonwoods, we believe that play is an essential part of each child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

Children learn about turn taking, making mistakes, problem solving, planning, decision making, and creating. Through play, children get to know themselves and the world around them.

It is important that a child develops self-esteem. To aid in this process, we provide a safe environment by setting reasonable limits, we develop appropriate activities to ensure success for each child, and we create opportunities for the child to accept themselves and others.

Our Goals at Cottonwoods

Our goal at Cottonwoods is to provide a wide variety of experiences that are age appropriate for your child’s physical, intellectual, and social development.

To enhance your child’s physical development, we will give your child opportunities to demonstrate and acquire physical skills. We hope to help your child develop a sense of themselves as being physically competent, both in relation to their personal aspirations and in comparison to their peers.

Your child’s emotional development will be augmented by allowing your child to express all of their emotions, both positive and negative, and learn how to identify these emotions. As your child matures, we hope to bring them insight on the feelings and concerns of others and develop a sense of empathy towards all.

To enlighten your child intellectually, we will provide opportunities to increase their vocabulary, learning to differentiate, classify, and think logically. This will help your child towards school readiness.

Your child will develop socially through interactions with their peers and teachers as well as working with others in a co-operative manner.

Increasing these skills help to boost your child’s self-esteem and helps them be better prepared for the life ahead of them.

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